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We Supply M10, M15, M20, M25, M30, M35 Ready Mix Concrete and Cement Bricks with Various Sizes in Anantapur and nearby locations.

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We Specialize in providing pure Ready Mix Concrete and Concrete Blocks

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We Offer Many Types of Ready Mix Concrete like M10, M15, M20, M25, M30 and M35

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Annapurna Ready Mix Concrete

Hello, We are Annapurna M-Sand & RMC. We Supply the Best Quality Ready Mix Concrete and Cement Bricks with different sizes all over Anantapur and Nearby Areas. We provide the Best Possible Quality of Ready Mix Concrete with 5 types. We have a fleet of Advanced Machinery which will allow us to pour concrete in any spot.

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For over 12 Months in Construction Field

For over 12 months, we have been committed to providing top-quality RMC and Cement Bricks to our customers. Our experienced employees have the expertise in providing Quality Products to our beloved customers.

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We Offer a Wide Variety of Cement Bricks & RMC

Ready Mix Concrete

We Supply Various Types of RMC like M10, M15, M20, M25, M30 and M35.

Concrete Compound Walls

Our product range includes a wide range of precast compound wall, concrete compound wall and rcc readymade compound walls

Cement Bricks

Cement Bricks We Supply at 4"X8"X16", 6"X8"X16", 8"X8"X16" & 6"X9"X12"

Precast Boundary Walls

Precast Boundary Walls are a modular solution that can be used as boundary or security or architectural walls

Hollow Concrete Blocks

A Hollow Concrete Block is a block made of concrete that has Hollow Spaces between it's walls.

Precast Compound Walls

Precast Compound Walls are a modular solution that can be used as boundary or security or architectural walls

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We supply M10, M15, M20, M25, M30, M35 Ready Mix Concrete and Cement Bricks with Various Sizes in Anantapur and nearby locations.

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What is Ready Mixed Concrete ?

Concrete is basically a mixture of Portland Cement, Water and aggregates comprising Sand and Gravel or Crushed Stone. In traditional construction sites, each of these materials is procured separately and mixed in specified proportions at site to make concrete.

M10 grade is a lean concrete, M10 grade concrete is the strength offered by the concrete cube of 150mm dimension after 28 days, where strength is 10 N/mm2.

M15 Ready Mix Concrete is a special blend of fast-setting cements, sand and gravel. It is used to set mailbox posts, fence posts and lamp posts without mixing.
Features: Sets in 20-40 minutes. Pouring slabs when rapid set time is required.

Grade M20 concrete ratio is composed of a mixture of cement, sand (fine aggregates), and coarse aggregate. M20 concrete mix ratio: M20 concrete is a 1:1.5:3 mixture of Cement, Sand, and aggregate, where cement makes up one part, sand makes up 1.5 parts, and aggregate or stone makes up the remaining three parts.

M25. M stands for mix ratio (Cement, Sand & Aggregates) Mix ratio of M25 grade. M25 ratio is 1:1:2. 25 stands for compressive strength of a 150mm cube after 28 days of curring in N/mm2.

The M30 grade of concrete means the concrete mix which attains 28 day strength (characteristics) as 30 MPa or 30 N/mm2. Mix and characteristic compressive strength of 150 mm cube at 28 days.

M35 is a High Quality, Fast-setting, self-leveling underlayment concrete suitable for your flooring needs. It is ideal for new floor and repair projects when you need long flow life and working time.



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Good experience with Annapurna Ready Mix Concrete. I found Best Quality of RMC & Concrete Bricks at Best Price. I had 5 Floorings in Anantapur and they have completed in time.
Shiva Kumar Kothwala
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